About our Chapter


Our boundaries are as follows

  • Lincoln -Denver West of University/York St, North of Hampden Ave, East of Platte River, South of I-25 ALSO East of Platte River, North of I-25, South of Colfax/16th Ave and West of Clarkston St.
  • If you live outside of these boundaries, please contact support@momsclub.org and they will be happy to get you in touch with your correct chapter.

Our members are the most important part of our chapter. Our dues are $25/year. Each member has joined the club for their own different reasons. Remember that this is a MOMS Club not a kid’s club and although we bring our children and our events are centered for our children, we are here to support each other!

Calendar of Events
Our monthly calendar has a large  variety of events including play dates, park meet ups, field trips to popular kid spots, and moms night out.